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8AM Classic Corn Flakes, 500g


A popular breakfast choice to start your day with a little crunch! Served with cold or hot milk, corn flakes are healthy, tasty, and a good source of energy.

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A popular breakfast choice to start your day with a little crunch! Served with cold or hot milk, corn flakes are healthy, tasty and a good source of energy. Original golden flakes made with delightful corn toasted to perfection. Rich in fiber and vital nutrients like Vitamin B6 & B12, folate and iron. Our crunchy corn flakes are a perfect start to a healthy morning!

8AM Classic Corn Flakes

There is nothing better than Crispy and Crunchy Cornflakes in a pack of Classic Cornflakes. You will love them in the morning. 8AM Classic Cornflakes are Delicious. Yes, They the right amount of crunch and taste.

There is nothing Healthier than 8AM Classic Cornflakes. This one superfood in the golden cape saves your day every morning. There are many vitamins and minerals in classic Cornflakes, including Riboflavin (B2), Vitamin B6 and Niacin (B3). They also contain iron.

What’s the best thing about 8AM Classic Cornflakes?

You don’t need to cook in the mornings. Simply open the package and pour lukewarm milk. Savor them.
Healthy and tasty, Classic Cornflakes provide you with everything you need. Choose healthy and fit living with 8 AM Cornflakes. Sun-ripened Golden Cereals are cholesterol-free and good for the heart.

With a pack of 8AM Classic Cornflakes we have sorted your breakfast for you and your partner. Serve Crispy Cornflakes with milk or with curd and yogurt, topped with diced apple, mango or strawberries. What's the best part? Breakfast is ready in no time.

Check out these Cornflakes recipes! Whether you're eating Chana Chat, Fruit Chat, or Bhel Puri, Golden Cornflakes make a perfect addition. Add these Cornflakes to yogurt or curd after you have roasted or stir-fried them. You and your children will love your easy-to-make recipes.

Our 8AM Classic Cornflakes are Crispy and Crunchy. Our Cornflakes are packed in organic, preservative-free packaging so they remain fresh and organic. Cornflakes packed with acute hygiene are guaranteed to adhere to international food safety standards.

Our Consciously Chosen Ingredients- Corn, Sugar, Salt, Malt, Soya Lecithin, Baking Soda, Antioxidants (INS320).