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This product is great! I love the taste. I have tried different brands of muesli, but this one is the best.

Shivam Bansal

Daliya has a high quantum of fibre. It makes for an excellent source of protein. I choose 8AM Daliya in my diet.

Khushboo Gaurav Maggo

8AM Breakfast is like filling your car with gas. It’s full of nutrition which helps to keep your body energised the whole day.

Sakshi Mehta

Our Brands

V.R. Industries (P) Ltd. has the widest range of cereals manufactured in-house; the company was established in 1986. We consign an outstanding balance of flavor and nutrition with the fiber richness and goodness of cereals. It is the most preferred brand by the Armed Forces of India. 8AM & Golden Gate are branded under V.R. Industries (P) Ltd. Click on the names below to learn more about the products under the brands.