Gluten Free Combo

This combo contains all gluten-free items, Corn flakes 300g worth Rs. 175, Muesli 425g worth Rs 300, Soya 200g worth Rs. 75, & Trail Mix 200g worth Rs. 375 and complimentary Ragi Flour 1kg worth Rs. 175 absolutely Free. No shipping cost 


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Gluten-Free Combo by 8AM is a super-duper deal for your fitness routine. Now give your gut a break and make some life choices gluten-free. This Combo by 8AM accomplishes your Nutritional requirement starting from your breakfast with Gluten-Free Cornflakes or Muesli to having high protein soya in meals and Trail mix for the in-between munches.

That’s not all, We have also taken care of your flour for those soft and healthy chapatis. 8AM is giving 1kg Ragi flour absolutely free with this Gluten-free combo.

For the Nutritional values of each, you can check the individual items on our website.

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