Everything You Need To Know About Detoxification

Posted on : September 24, 2019

The word ‘detox’ may just seem like a fairly new trend that you might have seen in all of those Instagram Gurus’ or Youtubers’ posts, but is it really a newer concept?

Nonetheless, the word ‘detox’ has gained popularity recently but to your surprise, it’s an ancient practice, dated back to a thousand years and isn’t just limited to trendy detox drinks that you see nowadays. It involves physiologically flushing out toxins from your body, mainly done by your liver, kidney, and intestines but your skin, bowels, and lungs also play a part in the removal of the toxic substances.

So, what are Toxins?

Toxins are those chemical substances that can harm your body in any way, or in simpler words, the substances that are poisonous for your body. Toxins can hide in possibly anything, as they are mainly pollutants, pesticides, heavy metals, harmful food additives, or even preservatives. There is a good chance that the food you eat, the air you breathe in, the water you drink, the cookware you use, or even the cosmetic you use can be full of toxic substances. Unquestionably, the results can lead to chronic diseases like asthma, auto-immune diseases, mental disorders, and even cancer.

What can you do?


Even though your body is itself capable of flushing out the toxic substances, but when the degree of harmful chemicals increases, your system also needs some extra assistance. There isn’t any doubt that prevention is always better than cure, it can begin with buying clean food, cookware, body products, water and staying far away from pollution as much as possible. This is the main reason why companies have started labeling ‘safe’ on their products.

Since many toxins are unavoidable, it is suggested to remove them from your body naturally. Homemade face masks, sweaty exercises, saunas, and spas can work wonder with your skin and obviously, a lot of water. But there are some food items too, that can fasten up the detoxification process easily!

Turmeric, for instance, can be a good detoxification supplement as it supports your gallbladder which in turn supports your liver by producing bile juice that prevents toxins from getting converted to harmful substances and rejuvenates liver cells.

Other than this, ginger too contains digestive enzymes that can get rid of toxins waste in your colon, liver and other organs. Broccoli sprouts and leafy greens help in the body’s natural detoxification as it contains lots of fiber that aids to faster digestion.

Beets and apples are also detoxifying agents that help in cleansing your blood with fiber, pectin, and iron present in them, they even make your skin glow because of the faster blood circulation!

These are some food suggestions for natural detoxification, however, if you cannot munch on these ones, opt for juices that are made by blending the natural ingredients, and yet again, do not forget to drink a lot of water!

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