6 best health benefits of Almonds you probably didn’t know

  Almonds are one of the most popular kinds of nuts. They are high in nutrition and rich in healthful fats, vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. When you consume fitness corn flakes honey and almond calories as your morning breakfast, you are giving your body a wholesome treat and a kick-start to your day. Top 6 […]

10 Health benefits of eating a Gluten Free Diet

Benefits of Eating a Gluten Free

The gluten-free market is a billion-dollar industry, worth $21.61 billion. Most of us think ‘Gluten-free’ has become a trend and ignore it because of that. But scientific research has proven that gluten does more damage than good and that going gluten-free is one of the best things you can do for your health. So, what […]

Vegan Cereals worth getting out of Bed for

Vegan Cereals

Start your day the best way – with health, compassion, and whole foods! by choosing one of our 8AM favourite cereals that are vegan too. Cornflakes A healthy breakfast option with the goodness of corn flakes and richness of almonds, for a nourishing start to the day. Full of fiber and vital nutrients like Vitamin […]

Know your ‘FATS’

Know your FATS

The word ‘fat’ is something you often look down upon if you’re trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, right? Since it is a widely heard topic that ‘fats are bad’, people often ignore that fat is a major source of energy in your body, and acts as a facilitator to absorb your vitamins. While there […]

3 food items to Boost your Immune system

Boost your Immune system

Breezy monsoons can often bring cold and chilly weather with them, opening a window for common cold and flu infections. So, it is always safer to prepare your body for the upcoming diseases by giving your immune system additional strength to fight! You might want to take a trip to your local grocery to shop […]