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Why not overeat in a day?

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Why not overeat in a day?


'Overeating is bad for health'- the statement sounds familiar, right? But have you ever wondered how exactly you qualify as an overeater?


The habit of overeating occurs when you tend to consume more calories than your body needs to carry out its normal physical functioning. However, the habit doesn't get built up in a day. Individuals who suffer from overeating tend to repeat the practice of consuming more than required food repeatedly over a long period.


What causes you to overeat?


According to the research studies, overeating doesn't occur for a particular reason. Numerous factors can collude over time to indulge an individual in the cycle of overeating. At times, it's the taste or the habit of stress eating that traps you in consuming more than you need to feel full.


Stress eating occurs when you feel the need to eat something to escape stressful situations. To avoid dealing with these circumstances directly, people tend to divert their minds and end up consuming fad diets and high-calorie foods. These foods are generally known as comfort foods.


Did you know genetics can also be the reason why one feels to indulge in the practice of overeating? Well, according to a statistical study, genes play a surprisingly considerable role in influencing one's diet pattern and food habits.


Does your body like overeating?


The answer isn't tough to assume. What happens to your body once you overeat is often a matter of concern. While you are at it, your stomach might not explode but what follows can be both uncomfortable and unhealthy for your body.


Let's understand the consequences of overeating in both the short and long term.


Immediately after you overeat-


Don't be scared since as dramatic as it might sound, your stomach won't explode. However, it won't stay the same size either. To adjust to a large amount of food intake, our stomach stretches in size and feels quite heavy to walk with. Either you try to lie down on your sofa or sit straight, the unwanted quantity of food makes you feel lazy.


Following this discomfort, the person is highly likely to experience acid reflux from overeating. Not only the reflux is unpleasant but also a signal from the body to stop the unnecessary intake of food right away.


When you overeat, your body gets compelled to use more energy than normal. To break down the additional food into smaller portions, it secrets specific hormones and enzymes.


So, if you usually feel tired after overeating during your meals, you know the exact reason now!


Looking into the bigger picture


Short-term results including acid reflux and constant experience of discomfort tend to subside over a day or two. What follows are the long term consequences of overeating.


Weight Gain


Gaining a few extra pounds is one of the most obvious things that occur from the constant habit of overeating. A person indulged in overeating often sees his scale weighing up more than before. However, weight gain depends on a lot of factors.


Do you, too, envy your overeater friend who eats without having his body shape changed?

Here we are talking about the body's metabolic rate. It's the rate at which a body carries its digestion process by breaking down the food and releasing energy. This rate varies individually. People with low metabolic rates are suspected to experience weight gain quicker than individuals who enjoy a high metabolic rate.


Psychological effects


Based on recent research studies, obesity has shown a positive correlation to deteriorating mental health. Specifically, Individuals in the prime of their youth tend to experience a lot of mental health issues related to their body shapes and appearance in a broader sense.


Eating disorders are growing common in teens and adults. Indulging in Overeating over a consistent span might result in the decline of mental health. In the long run, these eating disruptions emerge into psychological disorders related to eating patterns.


Can we stop it?


Of course, we can! As long as you are determined to strive for a healthy balance between your eating patterns and health, you can easily avoid it by following basic everyday steps.


Let's see how!


Take one step at a time


The habit of overeating can overwhelm you at times. Remember, beginnings are always the hardest. Avoid complex foods and strict diets to punish yourselves. It's important to recognize that your body has brought you this far. Nurturing it with the right balance is all that you need.


-Make a flexible eating schedule, to begin with

- Distract yourselves with your favourite hobbies

- Chewing gums can be effective to combat cravings.

- Give your food bites a sincere chew before taking them in.

-A healthy breakfast will help you to stay fuller for the day.

-Avoid strict diets.

-Keep a balance between all kinds of foods.


How will 8AM help you to avoid Overeating?


So here's some good news. Our nutritional experts at 8AM acknowledge the rising issue of overeating, especially among teens and adults.

To combat this, we come up with a range of health-loaded breakfast meals. We honestly attempt to make your meals a combination of both health and taste. With 8 AM's organic cornflakes, you will be able to satisfy your appetite for a decent period. A fuller appetite and a healthy mind will inevitably result in balanced eating.


Along with our enriched breakfast options like cornflakes, muesli, oats and whatnot, 8AM has been the first preference for its collections of nuts and seeds.


Our Healthy Nuts and seeds are the perfect fit to be your munching snack in-between the meals.


In the beginning, not resorting to overeating right away might overpower your mind. Hang in there and defeat your cravings with our healthy nuts.

Remind yourselves, balance is what it's all about.


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