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What seeds are best to add to your daily diet?

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What seeds are best to add to your daily diet?


What seeds are best to add to your daily diet?


Take your diet a notch higher with healthy food items!


Now, what exactly comes to your mind in terms of the daily foods that are healthily balanced. You must have pictured fruits, leafy vegetables, eggs, detox smoothies and so on.


As soon as we develop the ability to acquaint ourselves with food items, the only categories our head frames are Healthy and Unhealthy.

But what actually matters on top of it is-Balance. Striking the right balance between vibrant food options to choose from makes you distinct from the individuals aimlessly indulging in crash diets and carb-cutting actions.


Getting Seeds in the Picture


Thanks to the Pandemic, in the last few years, people have been consciously aware of what health implies in real. From trying hands-on home-cooked meals to avocado toasts, guess what grabbed the spotlight among all? Yes, the vibrant collection of seeds. Who knew these little crunch bites will turn out to be the powerhouse of energy?


From chia to pumpkin, seeds have been the absolute showstoppers in recent food trends. You can easily top a bunch of seeds with your favourite food items. Don't be misled by their size, these little energy pops are a rich source of proteins, monounsaturated fats, vitamins and an ample amount of antioxidants.


Balance with the seeds


Seeds add the right amount of balance to your meals, wanna know how?


Various studies have shown that bringing a drastic change to your diet plans might work for the short term but it will end up doing no good in the long span. However, you can always infuse your creativity and come up with customized meals combined with as much taste and nutrition as you want.


This is where seeds come into the picture. From high-in carb pizza to health-filled porridge, seeds can be incorporated easily with any meal for the day. It helps you in maintaining the nutritional balance with guilt-free snacking on your favorite meals.


So let's get started on exploring the top 5 seeds that you can fuse your daily food items with.


1. Pumpkin Seeds


Pumpkin seeds are a rich source of essential antioxidants, magnesium with the additional goodness of iron and fibre. Containing the right amount of vitamin B and vitamin C, you can easily add pumpkin seeds to your morning cereals or mid-day smoothie.


If you are craving a healthy lunch, top your salad plate with a bunch of pumpkin seeds and have a tasty and crunchy meal.


8AM has been one of the most preferred brands for its authentic collection of seeds and nuts. Its pumpkin seeds are raw, unsalted that can be easily complimented with your morning cereals or evening snacks.


2. Sunflower seeds


Sunflower seeds are packed with multiple nutrition-oriented benefits. Being an amazing source of zinc, vitamins, and omega-3 fatty acids, sunflower seeds helps in improving your gut health ensuring the smooth functioning of the digestive system.


Being rich in vitamin E, balanced consumption of pumpkin seeds lead to the growth of hair follicles promoting your overall hair health.


8AM's sunflower seeds come in the most organic form packed by keeping strict adherence to their hygiene standards.


You can easily roast these seeds to spice up their taste or simply add it to your meals including baked cakes and muffins.


3. Flax seeds


If you are looking for a low-carb food to balance your diet with, flax seeds are to your rescue.


Flax seeds are known to be one of the healthiest plant-based foods. Along with being rich in various plant compounds, flax seeds are a great source of fibre. Being high in omega-3 fatty acids, these seeds help in regulating your cholesterol levels reducing the risk of heart diseases and other health problems.


You can sprinkle a bunch of flax seeds in your everyday cereal bowl or crispy morning toast.


4. Chia seeds


Chia seeds are the perfect choice for keeping the track of your calories. If you are looking to shed some calories by maintaining a calorie deficit of what you consume and burn then this is your cue to get chia seeds.


Chia seeds are a good source of vitamin-c along with Iron, magnesium and calcium.

It is also rich in vitamin-A and potassium making it quite beneficial for your skin


If you are specifically consuming chia seeds for weight loss purposes then mixing chia seeds every time you drink a glass of water is the best way to combat your hunger. Chia seeds with water forms a seedy jelly that boosts your metabolic rate and keeps you fuller for the day.


5. Melon(magaz) seeds


Magaz seeds are the wholesome mixture of watermelon, cucumber, cantaloupe and pumpkin seeds. These seeds are a wealthy source of vitamin B which helps to boost your energy levels and healthy cognitive functioning.


Being a high source of antioxidants, regulated intake of magaz seeds gives you fine skin with other health benefits.


8AM's magaz seeds come in unique packaging topped with the goodness of peanuts, soya sauce and sesame.


Eat it raw or mix this with your favourite meals to enjoy a flavourful combination of health and taste. Choice is yours!


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