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What causes fatigue and how can you stop experiencing it?

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What causes fatigue and how can you stop experiencing it?




What causes fatigue and how can you stop experiencing it?


Feeling tired from overexerting your body and making it work more than its capacity is something we have all experienced at times.


Be it preparing for your final examination or bucking up to take extra shifts for chasing office deadlines, feeling exhausted comes as a natural follow-up. But where's the problem?


Tiring your body more than often to get the work done might not sound like an issue now but when this feeling of tiredness persists for a longer time, take it as your cue to be concerned for your body. 


Fatigue tends to disrupt your normal functioning and interfere with basic activities like commuting to the office, preparing for an exam or indulging in routine household tasks. 


Now, you are familiar with the difference between general tiredness and experiencing fatigue. Though, did you wonder what all causes this your body to go through the patterns of repeated and constant exhaustion?


Let's look into the common causes of fatigue


Unhealthy food habits


How you plan your meals for the day has a considerable role to play in how your body feels. Make sure to choose your meal options with the right blend of proteins and carbs. 


If you feel sleepy after consuming heavy foods for your meals then avoid having a large quantity of food in just one go. Instead, break your meals into smaller portions and eat them throughout your day. This helps in reducing fatigue and feeds your body with increased levels of energy. 


Healthy food patterns directly impact your lifestyle as a whole and also leads to improved management of weight and body mass index. (BMI)


In addition to routine meals, there are a lot of choices you can take in replacing your everyday snack foods. Nuts and seeds are an ideal preference to enjoy your snacking time with. It fuels your body with essential vitamins and minerals. It helps in boosting your energy levels, keeping the fatigue at bay. 


8AM's collection of healthy nuts and seeds is worth drooling over. With an authentic production of premium-quality cashews, pumpkin seeds, gluten-free trail mix and whatnot, they make sure to complete your diet with exactly what it needs. Grab their collection and combat the fatigue pains with the right foods. 


Sleep Deprivation


Amidst the busy work schedules and hectic routines, disrupted sleep patterns are highly inevitable. However, as common as it may sound, lack of sleep can have severe consequences on both your physical and mental health. 


Have you ever heard people saying-'sleep your worries off'? Yes, it does work. A good night's sleep can work wonders to calm your nerves and have a fresh perspective on things. 


On the contrary, lack of sleep can lead to excessive fatigue and restlessness. According to studies, getting 7-8 hours of sleep is a must to charge your body for the next day. A poor sleeping schedule doesn't only mess with your temperaments but also accelerates your tiredness into fatigue. 


Water is a must!


Did you know water helps in regulating your blood pressure?


A balanced blood flow is integral to the smooth functioning of all the body organs. Lack of water in your body results in decreased levels of blood pressure. This disrupts the smooth circulation of blood to your brain leading to fatigue and dizziness. 


Here's a tip- Don't wait to drink water until you feel mildly or strongly parched. Schedule your water drinking at the interval of 40-45 minutes throughout the day. Make sure to drink 30 minutes before and after your meals. 

Get determined to stay dehydrated. You won't feel fatigued anymore. 


Lack of Exercise


Here's the fact- both lack of exercise and doing excess of it can lead to fatigue. Contradictory right?


Not treating your muscles to a good stretch or moving your body as a whole can make it stiff. Exercising regularly helps in combating that. Daily workout ensures the release of many energy-releasing hormones making up for fatigue and tiredness. 


However, over-exhausting your body through excessive exercise and improper intake of meals can be another reason for your body to feel fatigued. 


Remember, the excess is good for nothing. If you have a busy work schedule but feel determined to exercise, just take 15 minutes off your day and go for that run you've been wanting to. 


Steps to overcoming it


Water makes the day better


Let's make a deal. Start staying hydrated for the next 23 days and see for yourself. Waterworks wonders in defeating your fatigue and keeping you energetic throughout. 


Get moving


It might sound strange how exercise can make you feel less stressed, but it can boost your body with impressive levels of energy. 


Research studies have shown that exercising regularly reduces your stress levels. Initially, going for the workout might feel like taking a toll on yourself but your body will thank you later. 


Be it a 10-minute stretch, power Yoga or a morning jog, do anything that keeps your body moving. Be patient and practice this for at least 10 days. You won't know what fatigue feels like anymore. 


Keep snacking on!


Having healthy meals is an important part of your day but guess what is equally considerable? Picking up the right snack for you. 


Snacks help you in eating at regular intervals. Avoid putting a long time gap between your meals. By indulging in the right snacking, you can keep your metabolic rate boosted. A high metabolic rate in turn gives you increased energy levels preventing tiredness and fatigue in your routine tasks. 


Avoid Overeating


While eating food is the most basic thing you can do to avoid fatigue, overeating can again worsen the levels of fatigue you experience. Strike the right balance with what, when and how much to eat. Your body takes more time to break large meals into smaller portions. Instead, chart your eating schedule with smaller meals and keep eating throughout the day. 




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