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Ways to eat healthy in Festive Season

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Ways to eat healthy in Festive Season

Ways to eat healthy in Festive Season

With the change in weather, the season of festivities is just around the corner. Our party mood has just begun. The celebrations and bonding with family and friends will begin soon. Festivals are synonymous with mouthwatering snacks and drinks, in my opinion. We will all be indulging in our favorite sweets such as Kaju ki barfi, Ras Malai, or Gulab Jamun. Although I am sure you wish to remain fit and healthy and do not want to gain extra weight. You can keep the extra calories at bay if you follow a magic spell I have for you. So, Enjoy the delicious sweets you like, regardless of how many calories you consume.

Here are some Secret spells for You to eat healthy during festivals-

Avoid Starving yourself-

On the day of the festival, many people remain busy in preparations and starve themselves. Sometimes, people remain empty-stomach on purpose so they can gorge on the delicacies later. This way you eat more than you need. Eat a light snack. Try making something delicious and simple for yourself, such as Moong daal chat or Oats Tikki. Always keep dry fruits and nuts handy so you can eat them whenever you want. We have Golden-Gate’s Crunchy & Healthy Almonds, Cashew, Pistachio, Walnuts, and Dates.

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Stay Yourself Hydrated

H2O is your best friend. Dehydration leads to Cravings. We confuse thirst with hunger and reach for food when we are dehydrated. Drink at least two to three liters of water each day. You can have coconut water or a plate of fresh and juicy fruits. 

Our body functions effectively when there is adequate fluid supply.

Keep a track of your portion

I know we all love overindulgence in festivals but it is extremely unhealthy. It causes bloating and acidity. You might even spend the night awake after overeating. The excess calories you eat are stored in the form of fat. Thus, watch your quantity. First, take a small serving you can have more if you want later. Chew your food slowly. Fill your stomach up to 80% rather than 100%. Always share your desserts with others. While keeping the extra pounds off, you are also bonding with others.


We all know festive dishes and sweets are lavish and rich in calories. This makes our body a little lazy. Keeping it active is necessary to stay fit.  Exercise for optimal function of the body. Our body is like any other machine if you let it sit it will get rust. So, Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. If you feel heavy or bloated after So, go for a small walk at night.

Don’t feel guilty

You should not feel guilty or stressed over the calorie count. Appreciate yourself. Enjoy the good times with your loved ones and relish the delicacies freely. Just remember to eat mindfully.

VRI wishes you a fit and healthy life, Nutrify your eating habits this festive season.  Order now!


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