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Oats Are Good for Breakfast! Why?

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Oats Are Good for Breakfast! Why?

Oats Are Good for Breakfast! Why?

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. It is a great way to kickstart your day with a healthy morning meal. 8AM Instant Masala Oats and Instant Cooking Oats are the best choice! Do you know the scientific name for oats? It is Avena sativa, and it is a grass belonging to the Poaceae family. 8AM Oats are cherished for the nutritional benefits they offer. They are loved for its mushy texture when cooked.

Oatmeal also helps those trying to lose weight and control their hunger levels by providing both high water and soluble fiber content. A number of health benefits have been linked to oatmeal. Beta-glucan is the primary type of soluble fiber found in oats, and studies have shown that beta-glucan aids digestion, increases satiety, and suppresses appetite. During the digestion process, beta-glucan binds to cholesterol-rich bile acids in the intestine and transports them through the digestive system and ultimately out of the body.

This blog will tell you about the numerous health benefits of oats and how they can be beneficial to your physical and mental health.

1) Energy Booster:

Carbohydrates make oats a good breakfast choice because they are rich in carbohydrates. In addition to their high levels of B vitamins, oats also boost the body's energy levels. Since the fibre component is high in them, they keep you feeling fuller for longer and you face less of the energy dumps.

2) Lowers Blood Sugar Levels:

Oats contain beta-glucan, a soluble fibre that keeps the glycemic index low when consumed regularly. The high fibre content of oats enhances insulin sensitivity and reduces postprandial glucose levels. Those who are overweight or have type 2 diabetes Consumption of oats significantly reduces blood sugar levels.

3) Good for Heart:

Both fiber and antioxidants are present in oats. They enhance the health of the heart by combating free radicals. The soluble fibre in oats, Beta-glucan, limits the absorption of dietary cholesterol in the intestinal tract. Therefore, it lowers total serum and LDL cholesterol levels. As a result, the risk of heart disease is reduced. Vitamin E present in them, that also prevents cardiovascular disorders.

4) Good for our Digestive System:

Oats are beneficial for our digestive system. They contain soluble fibre that prolongs the time for food to pass through the intestines. When this fibre passes through the gut, it helps to cleanse it. Additionally, they contain insoluble fibre that help consolidate stool, add weight to it, and ease constipation and regulate bowel movement. Thus, oats help prevent constipation.

5) Reduces Hypertension & Stress:

Oats help reduce the risk of developing hypertension (high blood pressure). This healthy cereal contains soluble fibre that helps to cleanse the arteries and veins. Thus, they help in hypertension by reducing dependence on medications

6) Improves your Mental Health

A bowl of oatmeal is a comforting food. They reduce the levels of stress hormones in the body and increase serotonin, which promotes a sense of well-being and happiness.

Enjoy the delightful breakfast with super Creamy 8AM Instant Cooking Oats and 8AM Instant Masala Oats. They taste so good that it melts in your mouth. You will instantly notice the difference between our 8AM Instant Oats and your everyday breakfast cereals. Our Oats are made with 100% natural wholegrain oats that provide you with a wholesome breakfast to help kickstart your day. Don’t wait anymore. Order now!


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