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5 health precautions you should take in a busy work schedule

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5 health precautions you should take in a busy work schedule

5 health precautions you should take in a busy work schedule

Do you crave a healthy life but feel trapped in the never-ending daily commutes to your workplace?

Living on a healthy note is more of a necessity than a conscious choice made. A few simple lifestyle changes in your daily routine can result in positive influences on your overall health in the long run.

With the multiple health trends emerging in the society, you don't have to spend hours in the gym or replace your daily meals with fruits. Remember, it's all about one step at a time.

Start with cultivating some little habits and try to inculcate them in your daily routine until they become an important part of your day.

To help you with this, here are the five major yet simple steps you can already start taking to combat the traps of your busy schedule.




Drink plenty of water. Yes, it's as simple as it sounds. As soon as you get up, give your body a considerably happy drink. Drinking Hot water after getting up has been proven to have exceptional health benefits. However, a glass of normal water is equally efficient to wake up your body in a refreshing way. Be it busy office hours or scorching summer heat, make water your best companion to carry everywhere.


The Health benefits of drinking water in plenty are never-ending. On the contrary, if you are drinking water in less than sufficient amounts, the effects might be equally worse. Dehydration poses multiple issues including dizziness, low-energy levels and severe headaches.


Practising Hydration


So, how exactly can you make certain to stay healthily hydrated throughout your day?


Here's a tip. Sipping before snacking! Smart right? This way every time you will have a meal break, you would remember to have a glass of water 30 mins before you have your meal.


However, that's not enough. Research studies recommend you have a glass of water every 40 minutes. Do not wait to feel thirsty for getting you a glass.


A Tip- Set a reminder alarm every 40 minutes and 30 minutes before your usual mealtime.



Move your body


In addition to eating clean, exercise is another basic prerequisite to staying healthy. But it's quite difficult for people to indulge in long gym hours while having a tight working schedule. Exhausting yourself without prepping your body for it first might lead to severe health concerns.


Have you wondered why 'exercise' is usually associated with gyms or Zumba classes when it can be as simple as a 10-minute walk?


As the header says -'Move your body. You can simply replace some common habits to keep your body physically active. Let's explore how.


• When at work, take those stairs instead of opting for a lift.


• Choose walking over cars when planning to cover a short distance


• Stretch your body for 15 minutes and focus on back and posture improving poses.


• If you are an early riser, go for a 15 minutes morning walk/run. It works wonders to keep you energetic throughout the day.


Sleep Clean


Sleep hygiene has gained a lot of attention in the recent past. Global trends in the sleep pattern among the general population have observed an unfortunate decline in the quality of sleep.


With a busy schedule and the brain with its thinking mode on, it's difficult to get a sound sleep.


Guess what's directly related to giving you a great sleep? Your phone screen. Avoid using your phone 30 minutes before you sleep. The same goes for when you get up in the morning. Make certain to free your mind off any worries or issues worth-brooding before you head to bed. It helps in improving the quality of your sleep, eventually impacting the overall physical functioning of your body. 


Follow a fixed sleeping pattern. Even if you have tons of work on some days, avoid exceeding too much time from when you normally sleep. 


Advance meal prepping


Staying ahead of your work schedule is the best way to manage your time. Planning and preparing your meals in advance helps you in following a healthy diet. This strategy has recently been a popular choice among individuals with a busy work schedule. 


What exactly is meal planning? It's simply making your meals in advance. Generally, people utilize their weekends in preparing their meals for the rest of the week ahead. By storing it in the refrigerators, you can get food on the go without worrying about cooking food everyday. 


Another way of food prepping can be done by making your meals one day ahead of the actual day you are cooking that meal for. 


Make sure to always store chopped vegetables under freezing. This will not only help you in regulating your schedule but also save you from resorting to unhealthy meals in any possible way.


Munch healthy snacks 


Snacking is an integral part of your daily eating pattern. An unhealthy choice of snack can ruin your efforts for a healthy diet regime. 


Snack cravings are an inevitable part of your mid-meal times. Be it morning pangs or evening hunger feels, make sure to grab a healthy snack to satiate these cravings.


Not sure what snack is healthy? Check this out. 


Nuts are one of the most preferable snack choices among health enthusiasts. Rich in essential vitamins, nuts make up for a wholesome snack to grab anytime you feel hungry. 


8AM's collection of premium-quality nuts and seeds are the perfect choice for you. Packed with adherence to strict hygiene standards, their collection of nuts include multiple flavours and kinds to choose from.


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