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8AM Strawberry Flavour Corn Flakes, 300g


Enjoy the goodness of strawberries combined with delicious cereals at breakfast! 8AM Cornflakes with Strawberry flavor are carefully crafted for flavor and nutrition.

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Enjoy the goodness of strawberries combined with delicious cereals at breakfast! 8AM Corn flakes with Strawberry flavour are carefully crafted for flavour and nutrition. The sun-ripped corn and a generous blend of strawberries will jump-start your mornings and get you ready for the day!​

With every bite, you can taste the goodness of Strawberry corn flakes and start your day in the right direction. Made with original corn, this product contains iron and eight essential vitamins, including vitamins A, C, and B. The combination of iron, vitamins and other nutrients is balanced and nutritious. Strawberry flavour makes this crunchy, lightly sweetened breakfast cereal irresistible. Make sure to start your day off with a healthy, balanced breakfast that can help you improve your nutrition and overall health. The low-fat, nutrient-dense, cholesterol-free 8AM cornflakes are ideal for breakfast consumption because of their low fat, nutrient density, and cholesterol-free status. You'll love 8AM Corn Flakes Strawberry Flavour for breakfast in the morning. An easy and convenient breakfast option that is ready within minutes and keeps you energized even after 3 hours

Benefits of 8AM Corn flakes with Strawberry flavour

  • You get the Goodness of Strawberries and Cornflakes in one Pack!

  • Now you can enjoy the richness of strawberries & Cornflakes in a nutritious bowl of milk in the morning. 

  • Fuels Day With Nutrition

  • There are a number of healthy elements in cornflakes including minerals, vitamins, dietary fibre, proteins, and carbohydrates. 

  • High in Dietary Fibre

  • Cornflakes have a high amount of fibre present in them which is great for the digestive system. 

  • Low in Cholesterol 

Tossed cornflakes are healthier than any other fatty meal. These Cornflakes are low in cholesterol light and healthy. 

We have Specially crafted Strawberry corn 
flakes with the freshness of strawberries and the nutrition of sun-ripped cereal.
Use 8AM Corn Flakes in a variety of delicious breakfast recipes as a nourishing and tasty ingredient. You can serve 8AM Corn Flakes with your Chana Chats, Fruity Yogurt, or Stir Fry for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Our Cornflakes with strawberry flavour are Crispy and Crunchy. We pack them in organic, preservative-free packaging so they remain fresh. We take hygiene seriously and adhere to international food safety standards.