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3 food items to Boost your Immune system

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3 food items to Boost your Immune system

Breezy monsoons can often bring cold and chilly weather with them, opening a window for common cold and flu infections. So, it is always safer to prepare your body for the upcoming diseases by giving your immune system additional strength to fight!

You might want to take a trip to your local grocery to shop for the immunity boosters, that will you to get prepared with these infections! Here, is the list of things that you might want to consider before shopping:

1. Yogurt

As surprising as it may look, this chilled food item is the one that can actually help you to fight the common cold and flu! Look for the yogurts that are non-fattening like Greek Yogurt. Yogurt not only contains good bacteria but is also have an abundance amount of Vitamin-D that helps your gut and your immune system! Avoid purchasing the flavored yogurts as they may contain excess sugar in them instead, toss some fruits to add flavor in it!

2. Almonds

Almonds have a massive amount of Vitamin-E, which is proven to be the key to a healthy immune system. Nuts like almonds are anyway filled with vitamins and healthy fats, which makes it even better for almonds as Vitamin-E needs fat to get consumed by the body! Almonds are good for health if eaten in an adequate amount. Half a cup of shelled almonds is enough to satiate daily Vitamin E requirement and boosts the immune system!

3. Citrus Fruits and Vegetables

Vitamin C increases the production of white blood cells which further, are the building blocks for your immune system and helps it get stronger. Tangerines, oranges, bell peppers, lemons are few of the fruits and veggies that contain a good amount of Vitamin C. Since your body cannot store this vitamin, you need to add these items in your daily diet to make your immune system stronger and better!

Eating healthy food isn’t the one and only way to strengthen up your immune system, other ways include, exercising regularly, having a good sleep, having good oral hygiene, drinking enough water and flushing out toxins! Also, remember to eat the right type of food in the ‘right’ amount as well!


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